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Having a Hard Time Finding Ammo? Use GunBot!


 Finding ammo right now can be very difficult and if you are an active recreational or competitive shooter you might be struggling finding ammo online. ITS Tactical recently had a post about the release of a tool that helps shop for ammo in real time. The tool is called GunBot, giving multiple results for different ammo types, that you can easily compare the price per round for the best in stock buy. GunBot will take finding the best deals on ammo further than slickguns.com as it will give you the real time stock status, not just the best deals around the web.

About GunBot

GunBot takes ammo selling websites and provides you the information on the price, and stocking status, with a link to the product for easy buying. Easily filtering the different calibers and having the option to display only in-stock items with a few clicks of the mouse to quickly find just what you need.  You can filter the best prices per rounds as well at the most recently added.

Calibers OfferedGunBot helps find bulk ammo in realtime

The Future of GunBot

The website is a little rough around the edges as it is still in beta, but is can easily help you find ammo right now for the most popular calibers. They are in the future going to have more releases including reloading supplies and magazines. They have a very limited magazine shopping for the AR15 up right now but will have a more comprehensive selection in the future including AK and Glock magazines. As far as reloading supplies goes, they do not currently have this option working yet but it will have a release soon for primers and powder. It will be very interesting to see what else they will be providing in stock and comparison information as the project continues to grow.

Right Tool for the Times

This tool has really come around at the right time, helping buyers find the gear they need, in stock and being able to comparison shop easily.  Help to support the website and the project by visiting and using it as well as sharing with your fellow shooters to gain more support.

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