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Frog Lube Review: Gun Cleaning Made Easy


frog-lube-review.jpgAt Shades of Gray we all use frog lube, and honestly we have been looking forward to doing the full review of the product. Many shooters and retailers have already reviewed Frog Lube, but we wanted to put it to our own tests. After using Frog Lube on a number of different handguns as well as many different rifles and shotguns putting thousands of rounds through the guns to test the lubricant and preservative we have compiled our results. First let’s overview what exactly Frog Lube is and how it works.

What is Frog Lube?

Frog Lube is a CLP, cleaner, lubricant and preserver. Frog Lube will clean your guns, lubricate your important mechanical parts and preserve the gun by resisting carbon build up. It’s made of food grade ingredients from the US. Frog Lube was founded and developed by Captain Larry Lasky, US Navy SEAL, who retired after 32 years of service. After seeing the diverse and harsh environments that firearms had to go through he developed a new product to replace old gun treatments. Frog Lube replaces the toxic inferior petroleum based product that would attract dirt and carbon. Frog Lube is a very diverse product that can be a lubricant when heated to protect the gun’s essential parts while resisting carbon and dirt, and is also a cleaner and preserver. Captain Lasky’s experiences had gone to show that many of the older cleaners and lubricants could cause stoppages, misfeeds, and other weapon malfunctions.  After my experiences over the past 6 months, I am convinced that the Captain succeeded in providing a product that has changed the market.


After using Frog Lube on many different firearms it has proven to do three major feats that other solvents and lubricants did not provide. Frog Lube lubricates very effectively without leaving a mess or drawing dirty to the gun, it makes cleaning quick and simple and preserves the firearm through the treatments that are reccomended. It has proven to be a very true and very effective CLP.

Smoothing Firearm Function

Frog Lube is a great lubricant, as the paste form can be easily applied and heated to help treat and lubricate the firearm everything runs very very smoothly and keeps all the important part lubricated throughout the system of the gun. No matter the gun type it has proven to be a phenomenal lubricant that has helped keep all of the guns it has been used on shooting. It has in some cases reduced the number of weapon malfunctions. The actions of all of the guns it was used on seemed to be smoothed out and no longer had a grind to them.

Reduce Cleaning Time


As many gun owners and frequent shooters know cleaning guns gets to be a serious time drain. There are very few shooters that enjoy cleaning guns, for this reason many of us at Shades of Gray as well as our local customers have switched to Frog Lube. As a cleaner it works great but as you continue use of the product the carbon is just wiped off of the surface of the gun. This is a massive help compared to soaking parts in a awful smelling toxic solvent and then brushing everything off. Frog Lube actually makes all of the dirt and carbon wipe or brush off without any other treatments. This cuts you cleaning time into fractions of what it would normally be. Not to mention the smell is a very pleasent mint, so you wife will let you clean them in the house again.

Firearm Longevity

The most important part of Frog Lube is the preserving of your gun and the parts in it. Since switching to Frog Lube we have put thousands upon thousands of rounds through various handguns, shotguns and rifles. All of which benefitted from this product and has gotten many more firearms lined up to be treated with Frog Lube. After finishing the treatment of Frog Lube the ease of cleaning is so simple and the parts of the gun look less worn then from other solvents and lubricants. This product is sure to help increase the longevity of your firearm while reducing the harsh wear and malfunctions caused from other cleaning products. It will resist the particles of lead, brass, dirt, sand and whatever else may be runningthrough the gun, while making sure all of the gun parts run clean. Frog Lube typically takes about three treatment to get the full effect of the preserver, but you will notice a difference immediately between Frob Lube and other solvents.

Recomended to all shooters

The benefits of Frog Lube are hard to argue with after cutting down cleaning time, increasing the efficiency of the weapon system through the thorough lubrication and most importantly increasing the longevity or the gun. Ran with many weapon types, ammo types and through different harsh drills Shades of Gray is Proud to say Frog Lube is a definite favorite and is kept in all of our gun bags.




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