Clothing & Apparel

Shades of Gray Tactical is your home for the best tactical clothing that is on the market.  We are a premier dealer for the entire Propper line.  This includes their new STL-1 pants, which are the newest, most comfortable tactical plants on the market.


We also offer 5.11 tactical, and are a full line authorized Propper dealer with items that fit the bill to keep you on mission and ready.  From coats, pants, shorts, jackets, and footwear, Shades of Gray Tactical will keep you and your department or organization professional looking, without breaking the bank.  When it comes to tactical apparel, Shades of Gray is your one stop shop.


We service several local departments, and are ready to serve your with our great customer service and large selection, we are sure that your agency and Shades of Gray will be able to work through all of your needs quickly, efficiently, and with friendliness.


Shades of Gray also offers an entire line of the best velcro morale patches on the market.  We are a direct Mil-Spec Monkey dealer, as well as Tactical Morale Gear dealer.  When it comes to the lateset and most humerous morale patches, we have both the embroidered and PVC (rubber) patches to suit your needs.  Take a look at the large selection of morale patches that have velcro backing, we are sure you will find what you are looking for.


Tactical Morale Gear is a new up and coming brand , who are bringing great new innovative ideas to the market.  This includes their velcro boonie hat, which they call the Tough Guy Hat.  It is a classic Propper Boonie Hat, with hook velcro sewn on in just the right places, to allow for dispaly of patches and also a solid idea to keep the brim clipped up if you need to.


  • Magpul iPad Mini Field Case | Shades of Gray Tactical

    The Magpul iPad Mini Field case is the classic style Magpul Field case designed to fit you iPad mini.  This is a semi regid design made from the same thermoplasitc material that Magpul manufactures their iPhone field...

  • Magpul iphone Bump Case for the 5/5s | Shades of Gray Tactical

    The Magpul Bump Case for the iPhone 5/5s is a semi rigid two part construction case that provides more rigidity than the Magpul Field Case.  The first layer on the Magpul bump case is hard protective outer cover, and...

  • Propper 3 Pack Duty T-Shirt | Shades of Gray Tactical

    Propper 3-Pack Duty T-Shirt Not only does the high end stuff on your kit need to perform, best also the very basics.  That is why Propper has the 3 T-shirt Pack.  These shirts not only give a great...

  • Propper 6 Panel Contractor Hat with Loop | Shades of Gray Tactical

    Propper 6 Panel ATAC Contractor Hat A classic Propper hat that is based on the hats that our supplied to the US Military. This hat features a front loop panel to show off your morale patches.  It is made...

  • Propper Tattoo Cover Up Arm Sleeves | Shades of Gray Tactical

    Propper Tattoo Cover Up Arm Sleeves Propper Tattoo Arm Cover Ups by Propper.  These tattoo cover ups not only cover, but also provide wicking to help keep you cool and dry.

  • Tough Hook Heavy Duty Gear Hanger | Shades of Gray Tactical

    Tough Hook Heavy Duty Tactical Hanger   The Tough Hook is THE greatest piece of equopment to hang whatever is heavy in your closet or locker.  This little beauty was conceived by a US Army Sergeant.  It is...