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XGrip Magazine Adapters

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XGRIPS have a patented design that adapts full size magazines so they can be used in compact handguns.  Greater versatility is incorporated by using a full size magazine into a compact handgun grip, which increases the guns capacity.  Military and LEO personnel now have the ability to carry a smaller compact pistol, and use a larger magazine when ammo capacity and firepower may be more of an issue.

XGRIP Ergonomics

XGRIP's design allows them to flow seamlessly into the handgun design itself.  Thus reinforcing the original manufacturers aesthetics.  XGRIPS design allow the ergonomics of shooting to be reinforced providing improved comfort and control, which generally yield more accuracy and fun at the range.


The installation of the XGRIP is very easy.  It only needs to be slid over the magazine, and then it is secured between the magazine floor plate and the bottom of the grip.  XGRIP uses on the best materials and highest quality assembly to make the best product possible.  In fact, XGRIPS are such high quality, that several firearms manufacturers use them as OEM parts.  The manufacturers that use XGRIPS and are Authorized as OEM parts are SIG Sauer, HK (Heckler and Koch), and Smith and Wesson (S&W).

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