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Tough Hook in stock!

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The Tough Hook is a heavy duty hanger that was designed by a US Army Sergeant to hold a military kit.  This was so that it wouldn't be on the ground being destroyed.

The Tough Hook is MADE IN THE USA and will handle a 150 pound load.  It is extremely tough and can be used for military tac vests, police tac vests, cross fit weight vests, armor carriers, SCUBA equipment, and just about anything that you need to hang.

The Tough Hook comes in Tan and Black.  Shades of Gray Tactical is an authorized retailer of the Tough Hook.  We have tested it and it works great.  Get your Tough Hook now and see what your tactical gear has been missing.

There are videos out there showing people doing pull-ups on the Tough Hook, like the ITS Tactical one below.

We offer the Tough Hook for sale and keep them in stock so that we can ship them out ASAP.  Take a look HERE and check them out!

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