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SCAR Lower Receiver from Handl Defense


This is the Hnadl Defense SCAR25 lower receiver for the SCAR 17, which is the FN SCAR-H platform. This receiver is constructed from billet 7075 T6 aluminum. This receiver has been engineered the that it should have been engineered to begin with. It has been specifically designed to be compatible with readily available and combat proven SR-25 and M110 magazines. This includes the Magpul 7.62x51 20 and 25 round PMAGS.

The grip tang has been designed to accept all M16/M4/AR compatible grips which lncludes Magpul, Ergo, and Hogue grips. The arch above the grip has been opened up to accomodate both gloved and smaller hands. This allows better reach to fire controls.

  • Aluminum receivers are stronger than the factory plastic version, and will not crack or become brittle in extreme cold or become pliable flexible in extreme heat.
  • Will accept any AR-15 /M16/M4 style pistol grip on the market
  • No modification of FN lower parts or trigger needed for install
  • Lighter and stronger than factory lower when used in combination with a full combat load out.
  • Uses a reliable and combat proven readily available US magazine design with a over fifty year track record or performand and reliability.
  • Cost of PMAG and SR-25 magazines are approximately 3:1when compared to FN magazines
  • Variety of magazine options and compatibility with other platforms makes the Handl lower a must have upgrade to SCAR heavy rifle.
  • Exterior appearance resembles original lower and enhances the original lines of the factory upper receiver
  • Material: Billet Aluminum 7075 T6
  • Coating: Type III Hard Coat (Black or FN Tan) which allows for color match to upper receiver
  • Coating Notes: FN Tan = Units are anodized for material protection and hardness then painted with mil spec ceramic paint per contract for color consistency.
  • Magazine: SR-25, M110, MAGPUL .308 P-Mag, and other similar magaziness
  • Grip: ANY AR-15/M16/M4 Style Grip

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