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New Morale Patches for sale

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Shades of Gray Tactical is your home of the best and newest morale patches. We have account with some of the biggest and best manufacturers in the morale patch industry. The morale patches that we keep in stock are as varied as they are humorous, and genius.

Shades of Gray Tactical is proud to announce that we are now an authorized retailer of Tactical Morale Gear as well as Mil-Spec Monkey. This means that we are constantly getting new patches, that keep up with the times. As you know, a whole lot of morale patches are based off of humorous current events, are even funny sayings that come and go.

Without exception all the morale patches that we stock are backed with hook Velcro, so they can be displayed anywhere that has some loop on it. You can also buy loop Velcro from many stores, some with adhesive already applied to the back, which allows the owner to keep current in his or her Velcro patch selection of the day.

Please let us know if you would like to see a special patch, as we are always looking for new ideas to assist our partners in designing, manufacturing, and marketing. There is a lot that goes into each patch that we stock, and we are glad that you appreciate that. Here are Shades of Gray Tactical we always try to bring the best products that we can find in the market. We are on a constant hunt to locate the next greatest invention, of thing to make tactical life easier or cooler.

If you come across something that you think that we would be interested in, drop us a line. We are always welcome to you suggestions, that is how we came across most of the items that we carry. Someone came to us and asked us to carry it, as they though that it was a good idea.

In closing, we would like to thank you for reading this, and if you want to take a look at our great slection of morale patches, click here.

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