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New CoExist Parody Morale Patch is in stock!

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CoExist Morale Patch 

This is a little something to tell you about a new patch that we have in stock.  The CoExist Morale Patch, is a parody on the religious symbol "CoExist" symbolism.  Our Morale Patch is a little more aimed at those who live on the edge, and realize that only the dead have seen the end of way.  Love and Peace don't end conflict.  There are those of us in the world who stand ready to do violence unto those who perpetuate evil, and on occasion we become tired of the rainbow and puppy dog mentality that only continues to allow evil to grow.  This patch is made for us!

This patch is made from religious symbols, and simply appears to say, "FUCK OFF".  This is a simple saying that seems to be timeless.  It lets those peace loving hippies around you know, that you are not interested in hearing about their views on the military industrial complex, or the corporate corruption of the United States.  

This morale patch is a PVC patch, which means that it is made out of a rubberized material.   This patch has hook fastener affixed to the back, so that it can be put anywhere you can find some loop fastener.  This is 2x3 inch morale patch.  It is the classic CoExist blue, with white lettering.  We know you will enjoy this patch! 

Fuck Off CoExist Parody Morale Patch | Shades of Gray Tactical

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