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Glock Magwell Is In Stock!

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We have the new Glock Magwell in stock.  This is a small thermomolded piece that serves two purposes.  Firstly, it plugs the hole in the back of the rip, that allows dirt and debris to get inside the trigger of your Glock.  As we all know, the Glock will take a lot of pocket lint, water, Cheetos, french fries, or whatever else may find its way in there.  But, why take a chance?  Clean always runs better!

The second purpose, and the greatest one, is that it acts as a magwell.  What is a magwell you may ask?  It is a piece that makes the magwell have a bigger opening.  Another name that a magwell frequently gets called, is a magazine funnel.  This is an appropriate name, as it funnels magazines into the magazine well.  Why would you want a bigger opening to put your magazine into?  I am here to tell you, that if you are doing magazine exchanges/reloads like you should be, you are keeping your eyes downrange, and maintaining situational awareness.  When you do this, every little bit helps to help guide the magazine home, as you index it with your pointer finger.  This magwell assists you doing this easier, as it creates a bigger target to hit when you are doing this motor action by feel only.  

See the Glock Magwell | Shades of Gray Tactical by clicking the link

Glock Magwell | Shades of Gray Tactical

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