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Shades of Gray 12 Days of Christmas!

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Cyber Monday Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!!!!!

  On November 26th, 2012 Get all your tactical needs and gear from Shades of Gray with absolutely FREE shipping!

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Stock Up Now for the Magazine Restrictions to Come

With the political machine finally coming to an end tomorrow, many of us could not be more excited to have our Doritos commercials back over the political ads. Though all ads aside, there is a very real situation for many gun owners as it might be a fight that will be fought over time. It [...]

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HSGI TACO Pouches, The Adaptive Magazine Pouch

HSGI TACO pouches are one of the best buys for any adaptive shooter, tactical training load out and anyone who regularly wears combat gear. TACOs are available for rifles, pistols and as kangaroo and double stack as well. However it is truly hard to categorize this piece of equipment as anything but the most modular [...]

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Frog Lube Review: Gun Cleaning Made Easy

At Shades of Gray we all use frog lube, and honestly we have been looking forward to doing the full review of the product. Many shooters and retailers have already reviewed Frog Lube, but we wanted to put it to our own tests. After using Frog Lube on a number of different handguns as well [...]

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Magpul Pmag vs Lancer L5 Magazine

With all the accessories and different magazines you can buy for an AR15 today there is a debate growing between the battle proven Magpul magazines and the Lancer L5 Magazines. Taking an in depth look at the two side by side comparing the similarities and differences, this is what we came up with. Windowed vs Translucent So [...]

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Google Shopping Prohibits Gun and Accessories From Being Sold

At the beginning of 2012 Google AdWords stopped allowing gun related keywords from being bid on and displayed in the search results for Google. This affected many stores and retailers, but now Google is making yet another anti-gun move by prohibiting guns and gun parts or accessories from being displayed through Google Shopping. Effective later [...]

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Shooting Essentials of the New Age

The basics of going out on a Sunday to go shooting still apply to every experience. Your need for personal protective equipment, ammo, a reliable gun and the maintenance equipment is still the essentials, but the new age technology has really advanced the sport. There are a number of different quality products to fulfill every [...]

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Be Proficient in Home Defense and Protection

As it has been displayed over and over home defense should be taken seriously and if you are taking it seriously consider being proficient for the occasion. Home invasions and threats have always been an issue and many people turn to bearing arms as a result of this. It has been said that “you cannot invade [...]

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