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Velcro Morale Boonie Hats

All right, we have a few left and we will be getting more finished soon!  What is it you ask?  This is one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread.  It is a Propper Boonie Hat that has been outfitted with velcro panels so that you can sport your favorite morale patch.  These are hand [...]

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9 Days to buy 30 Rounders in Good Old CO

Type the details of your news item here... ATTENTION ATTENTION   You now have 9 days in the State of Colorado to Purchase magazines that have:   1) The ability to hold more than 15 rounds 2) Has a removable basepad   Please shop our full stock and supply of AR-15 currently Colorado compliant 30 round magazines!   BUY HERE

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Spyderco Yojimbo 2 In stock now!

We have received an order of Yojimbo 2 knives.  They won't last long so get one before they are out of stock!

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New Morale Patches to Arrive Soon!

Check back soon, as we will release renderings of our newest morale patch designs.  These will be BAMF, and Cock Blocker!  We hope to get the photos up on the site in the next couple days!!  They are sweet, and we know you are gonna like 'em!

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Magazines In Stock Now

We currently have Magpul PMAGs, Lancer Systems L5AWM Advanced Warfighter Magazine 30 Round AR-15 Magazines, Surefire 60 Rounders, C-Products 30 rounders, and Troy Battlemags in stock.     WE have a large inventory of all of these magazines in stock, at prehysteria pricing.  We welcome any questions you have, and ship quickly, so you can get your magazines [...]

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Spyderco Digital Handle Paramilitary In-Stock!

We have received a supply of the Spyderco Paramilitary with black plain blade and digital G-10 handles.  These are sure to fly off the shelves, and we are nervously wathcing our supply dwindle as we speak!  Check them out here!  The Spyderco part number on this bad boy is C81GPCMOBK2.   This knife is not the original [...]

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Doing it yourself: Building 80% Billet AR-15 Receiver

As I’m sure most of you know that parts availability is slowly coming back after the mad rush and seeing so many “backordered” or “Out of Stock” product statuses. Unfortunately the ammo prices and some of the prices for AR-15 parts are still quite higher than what they were last year. However it has brought [...]

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New Morale Patches

Coming soon!!!  We will have some super cool, fresh, new, morale patch designs out in the next few days!  Keep you eyes open and watch the site, as they won't dissapoint!  All of our new morale patches will have velcro backs, and will be ready to ship!  You want to be the first one to [...]

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Shades of Gray Tactical SHOT Show 2013 Coverage

SOGT SHOT Show 2013: Video Coverage SOGT SHOT Show 2013: Product Pictures   SOGT SHOT Show 2013: The SHOT Pics

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