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Optic Nerve Introduces New Tactical Eyewear

Optic Nerve is a Colorado Company, that is independently owned and operated company.  They are one of the few companies that have committed to not being bought out by some huge corporation and losing touch with where they came from.  They have pledged to keep their local employees engaged and important in their day-to-day operation.Optic [...]

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SHOT Show 2014

We will be putting up info and the great cool new stuff that we find being introduced at SHOT Show 2014....stay tuned there is some cool stuff coming, and we want to show you first!

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Feds consider new gun regs

The Obama administration is working on new gun control regulations that would target stolen and missing weapons. Police have a hard time tracking firearms that disappear from gun shops, which “just feeds the sort of already large and existing secondary market on guns,” said Sam Hoover, a staff attorney with the Law Center to Prevent Gun [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Deals at Shades of Gray Tactical

Shades of Gray Tactical 12 Days of Christmas Sale We are having our annual 12 days of Christmas sale again this year.  Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter so that you can get the best deals on the best gear!  We started this sale in 2009, not like Brownells and the other copy [...]

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Morale Patches

We have some new morale patches in stock!   We have the new Malinator Patch in both SWAT and Camo colors.  This patch is a tribute to the Belgian Malinois, a true beast in the working dog field.  The Malinois has become a legend on the street, just like the Terminator, he never stops, never sleeps, and [...]

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New Morale Patches Again...Cock Blocker and BAMF

We have new morale patches in stock!  These new patches are brought to you by Tactical Morale Patches.  The new pathces that we have received are 100% embroidered, and are manufactured from high quality materials.  They all have hook velcro sewn onto the back, and are a standard 2"x3" inch size.  The Cock Blocker Patch [...]

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Colorado HB 13-1229 Mandatory Background Checks Info

Colorado HB-1229 that went into effect 01 July 2013 Highlights: Requires an individual who wishes to transfer possession of a firearm to complete the following prior to the transfer (Sec. 1): Conduct a background check of the firearm recipient through a licensed firearm dealer; and Receive approval of the transfer from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. Specifies that the approval [...]

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Colorado HB-1224 Full Text and Definitions

Here is the Full Text of HB-1224   Please note the Following Highlights: Prohibits the sale, transfer, or possession of a large-capacity magazine (Sec. 1). Defines “large-capacity magazine” as a fixed or detachable magazine or similar device that is designed to be readily converted to accept more than 15 rounds of ammunition or a shotgun that can accept more [...]

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New Tough guys hats in multicam available

We now have the Tough Guy Boonie hats in multicam available for purchase!  The photo of the new Propper Boonie hat with velcro is up and we are ready to ship them!  

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