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Smith and Wesson M&P Pistols In Stock Now!

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Shades of Gray Tactical is now a retailer of the entire Smith and Wesson M&P Line.  This includes the M&P15, M&P9, M&P40, M&P45, and the M&P Shield, as well as the revolvers in the line.

We have all the M&P line in the various size elements, including the -c variants.  We also have the thumb safety versions, and will have the VTAC versions as well.  Here at Shades of Gray Tactical, we aim to please with the best customer service and the best pricing you can find.  We are also a great place to find the accessories that you need for your Smith and Wesson M&P, including the entire Magpul line, and the APEX Triggers for duty, carry, and competition.  

We are certified M&P armorers, and are more than willing to help with any issues you may have.  We really believe the Smith and Wesson M&P series pistols are the best in the industry, with a great price point and are excellent running guns.  We trust our lives to their reliability, and we believe that there is a reason why.  The reason why, is that Smith and Wesson has committed themselves to manufacturing a great pistol, and now that they have proven their reliability we are proud to offer the entire line for sale.  To see what we have to offer click here!

Smith and Wesson M&P | Shades of Gray Tactical

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New CoExist Parody Morale Patch is in stock!

CoExist Morale Patch This is a little something to tell you about a new patch that we have in stock.  The CoExist Morale Patch, is a parody on the religious symbol "CoExist" symbolism.  Our Morale Patch is a little more aimed at those who live on the edge, and realize that only the dead have seen [...]

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Glock Magwell Is In Stock!

We have the new Glock Magwell in stock.  This is a small thermomolded piece that serves two purposes.  Firstly, it plugs the hole in the back of the rip, that allows dirt and debris to get inside the trigger of your Glock.  As we all know, the Glock will take a lot of pocket lint, [...]

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St Michael Patch

We now have in stock the NEW St Michael Patch.  This is the new, more aggressive, more modern St Michael Patch.  It is one of Tactical Morale Gear's newest patch designs.  This is a 3" circular morale patch, that has a velcro backing.   Here is a photo of our favorite St Michael Morale patch. [...]

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New Morale Patches for sale

Shades of Gray Tactical is your home of the best and newest morale patches. We have account with some of the biggest and best manufacturers in the morale patch industry. The morale patches that we keep in stock are as varied as they are humorous, and genius.Shades of Gray Tactical is proud to announce that we [...]

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SCAR Lower Receiver from Handl Defense

This is the Hnadl Defense SCAR25 lower receiver for the SCAR 17, which is the FN SCAR-H platform. This receiver is constructed from billet 7075 T6 aluminum. This receiver has been engineered the that it should have been engineered to begin with. It has been specifically designed to be compatible with readily [...]

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Having a Hard Time Finding Ammo? Use GunBot!

 Finding ammo right now can be very difficult and if you are an active recreational or competitive shooter you might be struggling finding ammo online. ITS Tactical recently had a post about the release of a tool that helps shop for ammo in real time. The tool is called GunBot, giving multiple results for different [...]

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XGrip Magazine Adapters

About XGRIPSXGRIPS have a patented design that adapts full size magazines so they can be used in compact handguns.  Greater versatility is incorporated by using a full size magazine into a compact handgun grip, which increases the guns capacity.  Military and LEO personnel now have the ability to carry a smaller compact pistol, and use [...]

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Tough Hook in stock!

The Tough Hook is a heavy duty hanger that was designed by a US Army Sergeant to hold a military kit.  This was so that it wouldn't be on the ground being destroyed.The Tough Hook is MADE IN THE USA and will handle a 150 pound load.  It is extremely tough and can be used [...]

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Glock Mags in Stock

We have Glock 17 17 Round 9mm 9x19 magazines in stock.  These have been hard to come by, and we are sure they will be sold out quickly.   If you wish to get your hands on some genuine Glock Magazines, hurry and check them out now.  We got a bunch of them in, but we [...]

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